I'm Sifu Kai Taylor, I teach Chu Shong Tin style Wing Chun.

I have twenty years experience learning and teaching Wing Chun, including three years full-time under my Sifu, Jim Fung, and three years full-time under my Sigung, Chu Shong Tin. I teach in London, UK.

Have you ever wanted to know kung fu? Or has your previous experiences not lived up to your expectations?

Learn the real deal.

Wednesdays at Bond Street — 6:00—8:00pm

Thursdays at Hammersmith — 7:30—9:30pm

£99 per month (4 weeks): 1 class/week (attendance can be on either day).
£139 per month (4 weeks): 2 classes/week.

Casual pay-per-class rate: £30, or £20 if you pay the £99/month membership.

Private lessons: £55/hour.

Students get 50% off.

Free Trial Lesson.